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Faraday Challenge - posted 17th May

On Wednesday 17th May, ten students from Year 8 went to Vyners School to participate in the Faraday Challenge, a day focused around engineering for students. Schools were asked to engineer two prototypes using their knowledge of coding and engineering.

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New York, New York (and Washington D.C.) - posted 1st Apr

On Saturday 1st April, thirty-three Year 12 students set-off on a whirlwind tour of New York City and Washington D.C.! Led by Ms Horton and Mrs Turner, the students got to enjoy a variety of sights and cultural experiences linked to some of their A-level subjects, such as: a sociology and history themed visit to Ellis Island to learn about immigration in the past and present; a psychology trip to the 9/11 Tribute Centre to find out about the effects the terrorist attack had on the first responders on the scene; a trip to NBC Studios to see where shows Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallon are recorded (linking to media studies) and tickets to see Groundhog Day the Musical on Broadway, which since the trip, has received an Olivier Award for Best New Musical in April 2017.
Another highlight of the trip was Mrs Turner’s love of a good walk, which resulted in the students completing a four-hour walking tour (after all, the average New Yorker walks five miles a day) from Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park, all whilst Ms Horton and Mrs Turner entertained students with facts about the city – including some not-so-true facts, which students had to spot in exchange for a prize.
The trip came to a close on a gloriously sunny day in Washington D.C., where students walked along the National Mall and took in sights from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial.
Over the five days the students were excellent ambassadors for the school, showing enthusiasm and interest in all the activities. Sophie, who attended the trip, said, “Our time on the trip went by too quickly. I loved the atmosphere in New York City and would love to go back one day, as there’s just so much to see and do.”
Meanwhile Mrs Turner said, “We had an amazing time on the trip and I was really proud to see students making the best of all the opportunities they were given whilst we were out there. Their conduct and team spirit was evident each day and after walking an average of 15 kilometres a day, it was great to see them also maintain a sense of humour! I hope the trip has provided them with memories they will treasure for a lifetime.”
Thank you very much to all the staff who supported the trip: Mr Alexander, Ms Horton, Mr Pritchard and Mrs Turner.

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Lets Think4

Let's Think Science Games - posted 17th Mar

On Friday 17th March, twenty-seven Year 7 students visited Ruislip Gardens for the morning. The students were finalists in the Year 7 Let’s Think Science competition.
The design brief had been as follows:
A variable is ‘something that can change’ and its values are ‘how it changes’. The challenge is to design and make a game that teaches Year 6 students about variables and their values.
The Year 6 students from Ruislip Gardens thoroughly enjoyed playing the games. It was wonderful to see how impressed the Year 6 students were with the standard of the games and how the Year 7 Ruislip High students were role models and ambassadors for the school.
The overall winners were announced at the Year 7 Celebration Assembly.

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Grimm Tales wows audiences - posted 15th Mar

The school production of Grimm Tales took place on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th March, with two evening performances as well as a performance to Year 5 and 6 students from local primary schools. A cast of forty Ruislip High students took part in a trio of short plays, Ashputtel, Hansel and Gretel and Rumplestiltskin, directed by Ms Hart, Ms Eccleshall and Mr Alexander respectively.
With a deliberately “dark and twisted” theme, as the Brothers Grimm are known for, it was a chilling and thrilling production which the school is very proud of.
Cast member Kyle (7B) said, “The first night went really well. The transitions in particular were very smooth. I made some mistakes in the afternoon performance but I got over it for the first evening. I’m really looking forward to the final night now.”
Jessie (8F) said, “We did much better on the night than in the dress rehearsal. It all went to plan. We started rehearsing at the start of January so it’s been a long wait but we all loved it.”

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Young Shakespeare Company

Young Shakespeare Company visit to RHS - posted 9th Mar

On Thursday 9th March, Year 11 students were lucky enough to participate in a Macbeth workshop run by the Young Shakespeare Company. A team of professional actors performed key scenes to bring Shakespeare’s classic tragedy to life. By breaking down the play into a series of fast-paced moments, the actors enabled students to appreciate the drama of ‘Macbeth’. The actors focused on key turning points and dramatic scenes, such as the meetings between Macbeth and the witches, the moment Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost and the final battle between Macbeth and Macduff. Students were also invited to participate in the activities to engage them in the dramatic and language techniques employed by Shakespeare and to explore the emotions and motives of the characters at different points in the play. While we do share various film interpretations and video clips in class to explore different interpretations of ‘Macbeth’ and bring the play to life, there is no substitute for live performance of Shakespeare, and we were all hugely privileged to be able to enjoy this from the Young Shakespeare company on Thursday.
Here’s what the students had to say:
‘It was an entertaining way of learning Macbeth.’ Jaimini, 11W
‘The repetition of the key quotes and the detailed focus on the key scenes helped me to remember the important parts of the play. The actors performed and discussed the scenes which was helpful and analytical.’ Asly, 11C
‘It was interesting to hear from another point of view, rather than a teacher or another student.’ Amit, 11A
‘It was really good.’ Donaldo, 11W
‘It was great! I didn’t want to leave to go to my next lesson!’ Miss Hill
Further links and resources
See the Young Shakespeare Company’s work with Macbeth:
Key scenes performed by actors - BBC Shakespeare Unlocked -
A revision video in which Little Mix’s ‘Shout out to my ex’ becomes ‘Shout out to Macbeth’ (!) -

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Arts Eve 2017 4

Annual Arts Evening 2017 - posted 7th Mar

The annual Arts Evening took place on Tuesday 7th March, featuring student performances from across the Creative and Expressive Arts Faculty. Attractions included music in the atrium, poetry corner in the canteen, and gymnastics and trampolining in the sports hall. Thank you to all parents and students who attended. 

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Ravi Singh visit - posted 24th Feb

On Friday 24th February, 2017, Ravi Singh spoke to students from Year 10 and Year 12 about Khalsa Aid, an international non-governmental organisation, which aims to provide humanitarian aid in disaster areas and civil conflict zones around the world. The organisation is based upon the Sikh principle of: ‘Recognise the whole human race as one’; it was founded by Ravi in 1999 and recently was the subject of a BBC programme called ‘The Selfless Sikh’. The students maturely engaged with the extremely serious content matter, including the plight of the Yazidi community in northern Iraq. As Ravi lives locally, he has also agreed to return to Ruislip High in the foreseeable future to speak to the other year groups.
Ravi emailed the following message afterwards:
"Although our focus is delivering aid around the globe, I strongly feel we must engage with the next generation to build a better world. The world has become a very small place with the introduction of internet but sadly it also has become very challenging. We must create an atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance if we are too strengthen our communities and this has to start at a very young age."
Dr Lecky, Headteacher, commented afterwards:
“It was a pleasure and an honour to meet a local hero. I believe his humanitarian work is an inspiration to us all as it give us hope for the future. I was very proud of our students’ maturity as they listened attentively to his talk which dealt with challenging subject matter.”
Student quotations:
  • “I was blown away by what Ravi Singh has done for those people. It’s so inspirational.”
  • “The talk inspired me to always be positive around others and to never hate as hate will always make matters worse. By being positive and good to others, we can change the world.”
  • “Absolutely moving. We need more people like Ravi Singh in the world.”
  • “I think it was truly amazing to sit back in my chair and agree with every single word that was being said. All I could think was ‘this is what we need to change the world.’”

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