A Level Media Studies

Course Content

Year 12 AS level

Unit 1 – G321: Foundation Portfolio in Media Studies

This unit encourages students to work in groups to produce a two-minute opening sequence for an original film. During the unit, students will work on their research and planning skills by creating a production company and taking ownership of a blog, on which they will post entries showing their progress over the unit. They will then have the opportunity to develop their digital technology skills to produce their production piece.

Unit 2 – G322: Key Concepts in Media Studies
Part A – Television Drama

This unit develops students’ textual analysis skills by exploring a key media theme, representation. The unit requires students to have an understanding of how technical elements - camera, editing, sound and mise-en-scene - are used within television to construct various representations of different identity groups.

Part B – British Cinema

During this unit, students will consider how the British Film Industry impacts British audiences and how the industry compares to other international film institutions, such as Hollywood. In the exam, students will be expected to show their understanding of how elements such as digital technology and issues of ownership effect the various film stages – production, distribution and exhibition.

Year 13 A2 Level

Unit 3 – G324: Advanced Portfolio in Media Studies

This coursework unit gives students the opportunities to enhance the skills they develop during AS Media Studies by taking on a project brief that requires them to work within video production and up to two other types of media, such as web, radio or print. They may either produce a music video, a film trailer or a five-minute extract of a documentary.

Unit 4 – G325: Critical Perspectives in Media Studies
Part A – Critical Evaluation

The first section of the A2 exam requires students to look critically at their own development as a media producer and compare their own production work to core media issues: research and planning, digital technology, post-production, using real media conventions and creativity. Secondly, they will be asked to critically analyse one of their production pieces and explore how key media theory applies to their work.

Part B – Collective Identity

Section B of the exam requires students to explore various representations of the collective identity, youth culture. During the unit, students will study historical and contemporary representations of this identity. They will analyse how much influence institutions have on how young people are represented in the media and in turn, the impact this has on society.

How will students be assessed?

Year 12: 50% Coursework (G321)
               50% Exam: Two hour exam (G322)

Year 13: 50% Coursework (G324)
               50% Exam: Two hour exam (G325)

Extra-curricular Opportunities

  • Year 12 and Year 13 trips to the British Film Institute for exam study days
  • Weekly sixth form film club
  • Trip for Media Studies students to New York City