A Level Further Mathematics

Course content

Year 12 AS level

Students study 3 modules over the course of a year.

Further Pure 1

All in all there are 6 topics to be studied in this module; complex numbers, numerical solutions of equations, coordinate systems, matrix algebra, series and proof by mathematical induction.

This module looks at complex numbers which are imaginary numbers. Although complex numbers seem to have few direct links with real-world quantities, there are areas of application in which the idea of a complex number is extremely useful. For example, the strength of an electromagnetic field, which has both an electric and a magnetic component, can be described by using a complex number.

Mechanics 1

Students study 6 topics in mechanics; mathematical models in mechanics, kinematics of a particle moving in a straight line, dynamics of a particle moving in a straight line, statics of a particle, moments and vectors.

Mechanics is a branch of mathematics which deals with the action of forces on objects.  Mechanics can be used to answer questions about many familiar situations – the motion of cars, the speed of a parachutist, the stresses in a bridge or the motion of the Earth around the Sun.

Decision 1

There are 7 topics to be studied; algorithms, graphs and networks, algorithms on networks, route inspection, critical path analysis, linear programming and matchings.

Decision maths is a very interesting and useful module within the maths course. There are strong links between the development of computer technology and the development of Decision mathematics. Although only small-scale examples are looked into in this module, most of the algorithms have been developed to enable computers to solve large-scale problems.

Year 13 A2 Level

In addition to Core modules year 13 students will be studying, further mathematicians will also be studying:

  • Further Pure 2
  • Statistics 2
  • Further Pure 3  
  • Mechanics 2

How will students be assessed?

Year 12 100% exam: Three 1 hour 30 minute exams, all equally weighted.
Year 13 100% exam: Three 1 hour 30 minute exams, all equally weighted.