Transition process

Open Evening is just the beginning of your exciting learning journey… 

We have highlighted some of the exciting activities you will be involved with when you visit us on our Open Evening on 6th October. Once you receive an offer of a place, there is lots more help offered to you and your parents/guardians to help you make a great start to your secondary education…

In the summer term of Year 6, all students, regardless of primary school, are provided with a detailed transition programme. Senior pastoral staff from Ruislip High School (RHS) visit each child at their primary school to familiarise them with high school expectations and routines; students have the chance to ask questions about high school life, and many are able to speak to older students from the school. In some primary schools, RHS staff also provide taster lessons to familiarise students with ways in which they will work at high school. RHS staff meet with primary school teachers to develop a thorough knowledge of each student, including their abilities, interests and any particular needs. 

Year 6 students are given a Transfer Booklet to complete in their own time. The active learning involved, for example, researching school information, solving puzzles and cracking timetable codes, helps to familiarise and reassure students about their journey ahead.

All parents/guardians are invited to the school with Year 6 students for an individual meeting at which the home-school agreement is signed, and effective student/parent/staff partnerships are formed. Staff also share the extra-curricular timetable for the term ahead at this meeting, and all students are strongly encouraged to enrol for one or more of these activities.

In July, all Year 6 students visit RHS for a day to meet their tutor and new class mates, and sample RHS lessons. Year 10 and 12 students are there too to guide you around the school and help with your first few lessons; some of these older peers continue as year based prefects throughout Year 7.