Make a cool design and learn how to create a polytile print down in the Art Department.

Business Studies

The Coca Cola real business challenge will be taking place in the Business Studies Department.

Cultural Studies

Philosotree of ultimate questions.


Come to the Drama Department to watch a live studio performance.


In the English Department visitors will be able to play English games and design the front cover of their autobiography.

Food Technology

The Food Technology Department will be making delicious butter cookies.


Find out how a glacier can swallow an aeroplane in the Geography Department.


Come to the History Department to find out about historical foods. 


Interactive fun and games, including a mathematical car race, will be taking place in the Maths Department.


Learn how to use editing software in the Mac suite.


Visit the MFL Department for a fly-on-the-wall lesson.


Students from the Ukulele Club will be playing throughout the evening in the Music Department.


The PE Department will be hosting badminton, table tennis, fitness and football demonstrations.

Resistant Materials

Pop down to Resistant Materials where visitors will have the opportunity to make their own plastic keyring.


There are lots of things to get involved with in the Science Department:

Chemistry - dry ice, golden pennies and flame tests

Physics - Ruben's tube and circuits

Biology - Dissecting rats and looking through microscopes 

Meet the Science tortoises and help name their new snake!


Learn how to print on fabric in the Textiles Department.