Academic and Pastoral

Join us on Thursday 6th October between 5:00pm and 8:00pm to see if you would like to join our very special learning journey in the months ahead.

All Year 7 students are encouraged to participate in a three day residential visit later in Year 7 to build confidence, make new friends and access a variety of curriculum based activities away from the formal school environment. Everyone always agrees that this is one of the most exciting experiences of the year, but there are many others to choose from such as Theme Day in October and the 10K Sponsored Walk in July.

Year 6 students who have not met the expected standard of attainment in English and/or mathematics are invited, with a parent or guardian, to attend weekly evening catch-up classes at the high school for much of the summer and autumn term. This has proved very successful in the past, providing students with the requisite level of basic skills with which they can access the full curriculum; additionally, several students continue to receive intensive intervention support throughout Years 7 and 8 to ensure they continue to make good progress. A variety of master classes are also offered by our teachers during the year to talented Year 6 students attending some of our local schools. Cookery, film making and design-a-theme-park are recent examples.

A parent/tutor evening is held early in Year 7, which provides an opportunity for both parties to review the first half-term. Additionally, termly family learning evenings throughout Year 7 secure excitement for learning, where a variety of joint parent/student lessons are available to sample. Recently, parents and students have worked together at such sessions to build erupting volcanoes, launch rockets and learn first aid.