Exam Results

A-level Exam Results 2017

Ruislip High School's A-level results are the best to date in the school's short history particularly in the number of top grades attained. Staff are delighted that nearly all students attained the grades necessary to gain places at their chosen university. Over a quarter of the students who applied to higher education secured a place at a Russell Group university. Two Year 13 students, Eddie Honein and Hattie Simmons, met the entry requirements of their conditional offers to read Natural Sciences and Geography respectively at the University of Cambridge. In addition, three other students from the small cohort of 58 students attained all A-A* grades.  

Student quotations

‘I’d like to say a huge thank you to all my teachers who have supported and shown faith in me over my time at RHS. It has been really hard work but these results are well worth it. I am looking forward to studying at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. I am so grateful to all the teachers especially Dr Lecky and Mr Reynolds for the personal guidance they have provided.’ Eddie, Year 13

‘I am delighted with my results and I cannot wait for the challenge ahead. I couldn’t have done it without team Ruislip High behind me! The support the school gave me regarding the application process was invaluable. I am so grateful to Mr Peacock, in particular; he was amazing!’ Hattie, Year 13

GCSE Exam Results 2017

Ruislip High School's GCSE results are in line with last year’s results which were the best to date in the school’s short history. Staff are delighted that nearly all students who had applied to the sixth form attained the grades to progress to the Level 3 courses. For the first time, it is expected that the school’s sixth form will have over two hundred students based on very strong internal retention figures. In terms of the new GCSEs in English language, literature and mathematics, the school’s headlines figures are exceedingly strong and reflect the students’ and teachers’ hard work to meet the challenge of the more difficult qualifications. Performance at the top end continued to be strong with 12 students attaining 7 or more A-A*/7-9 grades. Two students, Hannah Alcock and Hugh Nolan, attained grades 9 in both English and mathematics which is an outstanding achievement and 30 students attained 5 or more A-A*/7-9 grades.

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